What is fashionable this spring?

What is fashionable this spring?


Since a large number of weddings fall precisely during the spring period, all designers of wedding dresses usually try to present their best, most chic, most exquisite wedding dresses in their new spring collections.


The main trend of spring wedding fashion is tenderness and femininity. And if your wedding is scheduled for the next month, it will be right to give up all kinds of non-standard and eccentric outfits and turn your eyes to the classics and traditions. In this season they are the most fashionable, beautiful and attractive.


If the classic style you do not like, you can pay attention to the wedding dress of the so-called “mermaid” style, it perfectly emphasizes the female waist and hips.


And also in this wedding season “in a trend” outfits in the Greek style.  Belt

under the chest look very chic and feminine!


As for fabrics, the most popular in the spring wedding season is silk. How he gorgeously streams and shimmers, and how well he drapes, this spectacle is simply mesmerizing. Well, with silk, tulle, veil and chiffon are elegantly combined. And of course how can we forget lace? This season lace is paid special attention, I would say – it’s a category of it’s own. Lace from the element of the wedding dress has already become an independent participant, it always adds sophistication and elegance to the wedding dress.


Also very fashionable dresses with girthful bodices, which perfectly emphasize the feminine curves of the waist and emphasize all the charms of the female figure, big and small . All these designs also emphasize with the help of snow-white lace and elegant embroidery.


Feminine and elegance wedding dresses give curly cutouts on the back and bodice, crystals and delicate embroidery. Thus, a beautiful dramatic image of the bride is obtained. Wedding dresses of this autumn season designers intend for stylish, independent, strong women who want to emphasize their femininity, tenderness and vulnerability.


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