When is it best to choose wedding shoes?

Everyone knows that in the second half of the day the legs are tired and a little swollen and because of this they increase in size a bit, but when it comes to choosing wedding shoes, we are all focused in the appearance of the shoes and forget about this important matter.

So, the wedding shoes has to be chosen in the afternoon, towards evening, or if you purchase online, please measure your foot after a long day of work, this way you will get the most accurate result and order the most comfortable shoes for you! By this time our leg acquires its “natural” shape and the chosen footwear will not be rubbed and rubbed at the most inopportune moment – after registration, in the restaurant in the evening, when it is necessary to flit like a butterfly between guests and dance beautifully with the groom and dad)

If, however, you have already made a  boo-boo and picked up your shoes in the morning or just made the wrong size, and now your wedding shoes do not fit at all, like a crystal slipper on the Cinderella sisters, you should not immediately get upset. Take two small plastic bags and fill them with water , water is the only substance that expands from coming in touch with freezing temperatures, that’s why you will have to put your shoes with the water bags in the freezer, sound crazy but works like magic  In a few days, try on shoes without socks you will become much more comfortable.

So, we wish you a wonderful and easy mood on your wedding day!


Price: £22.99




Price: £15.99




Price: £48.99
Sale: £36.99 
You Save: £12.00 (24%)


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