How and with what do you attach a veil?


How and with what do you attach a veil?

Some brides prefer to be dressed by a specialist , but not everyone has such an opportunity. Yes, it is not mandatory, because to find out how the veil is fastened is very simple. Most girls are not trying too hard, and use the usual tools and it comes out gorgeous:


1.Hair Pins Clips Wedding Headpieces Headdress Accessories. They are quite imperceptible to hide between locks, but they are very securely held on the hair;

2.Clip combs of different shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are part of the hairstyle, but there are also transparent models that are practically invisible.

download (4)

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3.Rims, hoops and diadems. These elements often become one of the components of the hairstyle of the bride, and to attach the veil is very simple.


Elastic bands, Velcro and loops. The first can be attached to the hair, but the second two used, if the bride wearing a headdress.


How to attach a veil to different hairstyles


As many there is brides, the same amount of hairstyles. Everyone wants to look perfect, so stylists use a wide variety of hair styling elements. Tiaras, ribbons, flowers, pins- everything can be used to create the perfect style. Depending on the type of hairstyle, the method for attaching and the veil that was chosen.


Simple recommendations will help you figure out how the veil is fastened to a hairstyle of any type:


if there is a headdress (caps, ribbon, rim or diadem), it is best to attach the accessory to it. Sew more loops or glue a Velcro. Some just sew accessories together;

if the hair is intertwined with flowers or small decorative elements, try to plant them in the veil. The approach does not always work, because the fabric is heavier than the decor, but it can well justify the hopes;

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if the hair does not have any decor at all, you will have to be supplied with hairpins and lots of them. In this case, fill the place of attachment with hair spray, because only pins is the most unreliable option.


Methods of attaching the veil to the hair

how to attach a veil


The first way how to attach a veil will require you to pack a pair of pins. Fold them in, and then insert the hairpins into the hair, after putting through the fabric. So you safely plant the accessory on your head. To keep the studs, use small rubber bands, with their help, the hair can be gathered into neat buns.

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The second method implies the presence of a comb clip. Sometimes the veil for the bride already goes with it , sometimes – it is necessary to sew. To do this, wrap the comb clip base with a ribbon or cloth, and then attach an accessory to it. Do not forget that a wide accessory  needs a wide comb clip.


The most difficult case is the loose hair. And if on long it is still possible to braid a pigtail to stick pins into it, then how to attach a veil to short hair is a real question of the century. But, there is a solution for it too. At the very top, you need to make a small ponytail. Use a transparent rubber band to avoid it being noticed. An accessory is attached to it. And if the hair does not allow this, you can buy a “spanish” model of a veil and put it on.



Price: £19.99



Now you know how to fix the veil and you can pick up all the tools for attaching this element of the items listed below. Do not forget to practice in advance, because before going to the registry office all nervous and excited, you are easily upset if something does not work out. And with a friend, it’s much easier to cope with than if you do something for the first time.


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