Wedding dress and groom. Should I show the dress or not?

Wedding dress and groom. Should I show the dress or not?


Probably a lot of the worlds of brides, who are superstitious not only in life, but also in wedding signs. As a rule, one of the most powerful superstitions is that they ,for whatever reasons, can not allow the groom to see the wedding dress before the wedding. No other sign causes so much anxiety and speculation as this one. So is it worth it or not to believe in this superstition?


This sign appeared at the dawn of centuries – in ancient pagan traditions. Well, as the then eyewitnesses say, it is based on real cases and observations. So, if the betrothed sees a bride in a wedding dress before the wedding, then the marriage will not be strong and as a consequence – short-lived. But the church does not support such a sign and rejects it completely, as well as other signs on such account. the same opinion have psychologists who believe that all the problems arise in the head, because of our fears and complexes.


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But if the bride is already superstitious, then of course there is a need to make sure that you don’t harass yourself before the wedding. because the hassle of preparing for the wedding occupy your head enough, do not be nervous also because  of worrying that the groom may see you in the wedding dress before the wedding.


To do this, hide the dress far away until the “cherished” day – before your wedding, so that the groom does not inadvertently see it and you did not worry about it again. If the groom is persistent and wants to see your outfit, but you do not want to, then you need to find an argument that “smashes him on the spot.” Say that you want to make him an extraordinary surprise, so that he sees not just a white dress, but your entire image – a sweet Cinderella or A Forest nymph.


There are situations, however, it is completely impossible to hide a dress. Well, for example, if you have lived together for a long time or all relatives live far away and you will not be able to store your wedding dress at their place Then we suggest you just forget about this sign – and just believe in your feelings and your love!


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Some grooms want to take part in the choice of a wedding dress, let’s say it’s fair – it doesn’t happen quite often, but it does happen. In this case, think that you are in that small percentage of women who are so lucky – choose that only special dress in life with your loved one. Discard all prejudices! And choose the most beautiful wedding dress with your loved one together.


To argue for or against this sign is unambiguously simply not possible. Someone believes, some do not. First of all, every bride solves this issue for herself. However, still try to understand that marriage does not depend on whether the groom will see the wedding dress before the wedding or not. The main thing is believe in your feelings and in the feelings of your partner.

And be happy!



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