Wedding dress and your body type

Female figures can be divided into several types. Your type of figure can be determined depending on the ratio of the width of the hips, the volume of the chest and the width of the shoulders. Conventionally, female figures are called so: an hourglass, an inverted triangle, a rectangle, an apple and a pear.

Before you choose a dress, determine the type of your figure. The dress should be chosen exactly the right  size.


Price: £29.99 – £39.99 & Free Returns


If you want to hide the extra kg, then the dress with the corset on the lacing is not the best option for you. The most optimal model for you will be an A-line wedding dress and with vertical lines in cut. Choose a model so that in the style there is no large frills and wide sleeves. Also, do not choose a dress from glossy, shiny fabric, it will only emphasize unwanted shapes. Your more suitable wedding dress is made of matte fabric.

If you are a happy owner of a luxurious, large bust and if you want to embellish the beauty of a woman’s breast, you can do it with a corset wedding dress. But there is one little trick – choose a model of a wedding dress that has at least a small sleeve or wide straps.


Suggested price: £69.99 
Price: £33.99 – £39.99 & Free Returns


And one more little advice. When trying on a wedding dress in the wedding salon, ask the workers to take a photo of you on your camera. And then at home, sitting in your favorite chair and pour yourself a cup of delicious aromatic coffee, you can slowly take a look at all your images and choose the one that is most suitable for you.

I hope our advice will help you in choosing your one and only wedding dress.

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