All the beauty in ordering a wedding dress online- part 1

All the beauty in ordering a wedding dress online- part 1

The price – The first and most important reason to order a wedding dress online is without doubt the price. When you can buy a beautiful wedding dress in the range of 100 to 10000 £ and even lower, this is a very serious competitor to buy in stores and designer shops.

The schedule – depending on the website you are buying on, within 3 weeks on average (and in many cases – much less) the dress comes to your home, usually you will have to make a little or two adjustments to perfect your measurements or desires, on time for the wedding (assuming you did not make your reservation right at the last minute).

The selection – If you feel that the fashion of the bridal dresses in your local shop does not match what pleases you or you want to choose from a much wider range of options than the market can offer, you will exit the local market to international shopping sites, the abundance is endless.


Price: £12.99 FREE Delivery


Time saving, running around and headache – when you buy a dress online you save yourself all the running around the various stores, coordinating appointments with the various designers, measurements, bargains, dealing with all the tricks of a salon and bridal designers and whatnot. Instead of working, you go into a pampering mode where all you need is to make a cup of coffee, sit down on the sofa and start browsing through the sites.

The emotional calmness – one of the (well understood) concerns about ordering a wedding dress online is that the connection between how the dress looks on the site and its appearance in reality – will be quite coincidental. Most of the brides we know who ordered it (and followed the “how to do it right” tips below) were not disappointed at all and told us that the actual dress looked almost or exactly like her picture on the site and the maximum after a correction or two was just the way they wanted it.

If your criteria for a wedding dress is a dress made for you and your measurements, it is important to know that ordering a wedding dress online also makes it possible. Not all sites offer custom stitching to your measurements, but there are some where and in that case you will be asked to send your measurements to the manufacturer and you will get to your home a dress custom made for you.



Sale: £15.99 – £33.99 & Free Returns


Without compromising on rent – most brides rent and do not buy the wedding dress for reasons of price. When you buy online, the dress stays with you and yours forever and you should not compromise on returning your dress after the event.

If you have two dresses for your wedding day, instead of trying to put together two dresses for one or spend an astronomical sum on two, you can simply order two dresses online for a price that will usually be cheaper than one dress that you buy from your local salon. If you are planning to do Trash photo-shoot (which we personally I love very much), there is no need to buy an expensive dress that will become ruined during the photo-shoot anyway.


Sale: EUR 159.00 FREE Delivery


Despite all that, It will not suit everyone.

Although we hear very good things about ordering the dress online, it is important to say that it is not suitable for all and that this is not a 100% sure choice, even if in many cases the brides are satisfied.
If you want to feel, measure and see how the dress is placed on you, if you do not want to give up the process of choosing a dress, and if uncertainties make you numb in your legs, we recommend you go for recommended wedding dress designers who can come, see, measure and consult.

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