All the beauty in ordering a wedding dress online- part 2

All the beauty in ordering a wedding dress online- part 2


How to do it right: so order a wedding dress online


If you know which pattern is flattering and you love, filter the dresses on the different sites according to the pattern. Otherwise, there is a chance that you will have a hard time focusing on most options and huge variety and you’ll get a dress that looks really nice on the picture but is not flattering to you figure.

Our Price: EUR 71.99 FREE Delivery


Make a little spin – we said that when you buy online you save yourself all the running around the shops and that’s right. However, if you are not completely enclosed in the style that suits you, the style you like, or you wonder if the style you want suits you at all, we strongly recommend that you make a small round in the shops to decide with certainty the pattern and style you like and which suits you best . However, you are about to buy a dress that you can not try on, so you should consider to try on a  dress in style and cut as similar as possible, in a shop, to increase the chance that you get in the most flattering dress.


Choose a reliable website – one of the important things in the process is to choose a recommended and reliable site. Check with your online companies and acquaintances and get a recommendation (or a bad review) on the various sites. Most of the recommendations we receive from brides on wedding dress ordering sites go to the following two sites:, and bridal gowns on eBay europe.

Price: EUR 69.99 – EUR 73.99



Set your maximum budget in advance and take into account that there is a small chance – albeit small, but still a chance – that choosing the online dress will not be a success, so please don’t splurge.


Choose a dress with representative data – go for a dress that is shown in clear pictures, preferably as many pictures as possible, from all angles and measurements listed. Pictures of the dress on a model are much better than pictures of the dress only and if there are pictures of the dress on “real” women who purchased it – GREAT! Also pay attention to the amount of purchases and ratings of customers dress, data that often reflects the appearance of the dress on the site and in reality.


Leave time for repairs and worst case for another dress. Speaking of repairs, take one or two centimeters bigger when you choose the size of the dress or send your measurements. It is always preferable to have a place to narrow in corrections unlike the opposite situation.



Price: EUR 239.00
Sale: EUR 79.00 – EUR 109.00 


Pay attention to shipping costs, shipping times, and taxes, if any.


If you still do not like to the concept but you do want to save on the price, you can go to the outlet stores of wedding dresses, purchase end-of-season sales and previous collections, and of course we recommend you to enter our website choices you will find prices that will make you smile 🙂


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